Blog Entry #4: Are Human Beings Really After Truth?

Photo by Andrew Malone on Flickr

Photo by Andrew Malone on Flickr


Please take a moment to read this article from the New York Times on Reason and Argumentation.  Then respond to the following:


  • Do you agree with the assertion that “Reasoning doesn’t have this function of helping us to get better beliefs and make better decisions….It was a purely social phenomenon. It evolved to help us convince others and to be careful when others try to convince us. Truth and accuracy were beside the point.”  Why or why not?


  • Why might understanding how we evolved to becoming argumentative thinkers, speakers, and writers influence your understanding of how to use argumentation in academic writing?  In your personal writing?


  • Please choose one other point from the article you found interesting to share with us.


Image by Andrew Malone.

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