Blog Entry #8: Understanding Remediation












(Prior to completing this post, please review the Assignment #3 handout.)

Now is a good time to begin thinking about our next project, which is a remediation or remix of your research-based persuasive essay.  With this in mind, please review this website which offers an overview of remediation and examples of remediated or remixed projects.  After reviewing the website, discuss the following:

  • According to the website, what is a remediation or remix?


  • Review some of the examples provided on the website.  What do you think of these examples?  Are they useful in helping demonstrate how projects/research/ideas can be remediated?


  • From a rhetorical standpoint, how might remediating your research-based persuasive essay ask you to rethink your project’s audience, strategies you use to persuade them, and the general presentation of your ideas?


  • Finally, feel free to ask  questions or make comments regarding your thoughts on remediation or this project.


Due: March 5th (Please note that the due date for this blog entry has been extended. You may ignore the due date posted on the course schedule.)


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