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For this blog entry, I’d like you to read about scholar Claire Lauer’s “technological journey” as she remediated a digital project. You’ll quickly see from her piece that the process of revising or remediating her webtext was long and arduous.

Your remediation, fortunately, won’t be so intense. That said, I still want you think about the process or “technological journey” you’re going through as a writer and creator. Some of you may be thinking “Hey, I’m not using technology for my project!” but my guess is that—in one way or another—you are. If you’re building something, for instance, think about the technology behind the tools you’re using to construct your project. Consider the role the internet played in helping you research your persuasive essay. Recognize that almost everything we do is in some way rooted in technology and that all the compositions we create reflect those technologies.

To get started, please visit the following webtext by Claire Lauer. Once there, look on the left hand side of the page. Next, click the header “A technological journey.” After you finish reading the piece, consider the following:


  • What did you learn from Claire Lauer’s piece about the process of composing and re-composing a text?


  • Is there anything you can take from Lauer’s piece that can help you with your own project? With creating your Statement of Goals & Choices or timeline?


  • Is this example (or any of the student examples available to you on Angel) useful in helping you think about your own project? What has your technological journey been like so far?


  • As always, feel free to chat about anything else that interests you!


Due: March 26th


Image from Megan’s blog.



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