Blog Entry #11: Interview Questions










Take a moment to compose 10-15 interview questions you would like to ask your interviewee during your ethnographic research. (Note:  Remember that you will include a transcript of your questions/responses with your final essay.) Afterward, please share with us three of the questions you composed and then answer the following:


  • How do you plan on conducting your interview (phone, email, or in person) and who will you conduct it with?


  • In what ways do you think your questions will help you gain insight into your interviewee? Into your possible major?


  • Are your questions closed or open-ended or a combination of the two? Do you think you may need to add more variety to your questions?  Why or why not?


  • Finally, visit 2-3 other students’ blogs and review their interview questions and blog responses. Based on what you read, do you think you need to revise your interview questions?  Why or why not?


I look forward to reading your responses!


Due: Tuesday, April 2nd



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