Blog Entry #13: Strategies for Sentence Variation

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For your final blog entry, I would like to revisit the importance of using sentence-variety and rhythm in writing.

To practice this, please take a moment to review the links “Sentence Types” and “Strategies for Variation.” (We’ve reviewed these resources in class before, so they will look familiar.)

Next, select two passages from your personal ethnography and paste these passages into your blog response. Then do the following:


  • Rewrite these passages using the tips provided on the strategies for variation link.


  • Next, discuss the changes you made and why you chose to make these edits.


As you continue to revise your essay (as well as other drafts for the final portfolio), keep these editing tips in mind; this will help you produce a more thoughtfully written essay that has rhythm and sentence-variety!


Due: Thursday, April 18th


Image from: Useful Websites for Composition and Rhetoric Classes



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