Major Course Assignments

Assignment #1: Rhetorical Analysis

Assignment #2: Persuasive Essay

Assignment #3: Remediated Persuasive Essay

Assignment #4: Personal Ethnography

Final Portfolio & Cover Letter Guidelines

Final Portfolio Rubric


Blog Entry Guidelines

One of your main writing projects for this course is creating and maintaining a blog where you will post weekly blog entries. The writing you do for your blog will give you the chance to explore some of the key questions and ideas that drive this course.

To get started, you will need to create an account at any of the various blogging sites: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Writing Studio, etc. You will then need to set up the following features on your blog:


• Design Theme

• About Page

The title of your blog should be brief, yet informative. The design scheme you chose is entirely up to you and it may evolve throughout the semester. Your “about” page should tell a visitor what your site is about, the class you’re in, who you are, etc. (Do not post private information such as your address, phone number, school id, etc.)  If you are not comfortable sharing this information publicly, feel free to use an alias. You will still need to let your classmates and me know who you are, however.  Finally, remember to adjust your blog privacy settings so that visitors easily access and read your work.

For each blog entry, I’ll ask you to write around 250 words or so. You may always write more if you wish. I’ll also ask you to check in from time to time on other students’ blogs and to perhaps comment on some of their posts.

Before posting your response, proofread your work carefully and edit for grammatical, spelling, and capitalization errors. While your blog entries are more informal than your essays, it is still important that you proofread your work. Posts with consistent grammatical errors will receive no credit.

Note: Once during the semester you may “skip” a blog entry without penalty. Just be sure to indicate on your blog that you are intentionally skipping, rather than forgetting, a post. In addition, once during the semester you may post two substantive comments to at least two other students’ blogs in lieu of writing your own response. (If I’ve already asked you to comment on other students’ blogs in the prompt, you’ll still want to post additional comments for credit.) Once again, please post a note to your blog which indicates that you are commenting, rather than overlooking, a blog entry.

Please consult the course schedule for blog entry due dates. Late or incomplete responses will not be considered for credit.