Course Schedule

Below is a snapshot of major assignment due dates. Please refer to individual unit schedules for an overview of daily class activities as well as additional assignment due dates.  Unit schedules will be posted at least one week in advance.

Unit One

January 24:  Essay #1, Draft #1 due

January 29:  Essay #1, Draft #2 due

January 31:  Essay #1, Draft #3 due

Unit Two

February 7:  Proposal due

February 14:  Essay #2, Draft #1 due

February 19:  Essay #2, Draft #2 due

February 21:  Essay #2, Draft #3 due

February 28:  Midterm Portfolios due 

Unit Three

March 7:  Essay #3, Draft #1 due

March 21:  Essay #3, Draft #2 due

March 26:  Essay #3, Draft #3 due

March 26:  Project Presentations

Unit Four

April 4:  Essay #4, Draft #1 due

April 9 & 11:  Essay #4, Draft #2 due at conference

April 16:  Essay #4, Draft #3 due

April 18:  Draft #1, Cover Letter due

April 27:  Final Portfolios due


Unit Four

Please use the following unit schedule to keep track of class readings, activities, and due dates. Remember that all work is due at the beginning of class and must be submitted according to the directions outlined on the assignment handout and/or in class.

Be aware that additional readings or activities may be assigned in class which may not be reflected in the course schedule. It is therefore in your best interest to regularly attend class so that you are up-to-date on assignments.

Unit Four




Unit One

Unit Two

Unit Three