Welcome to Business Writing!

This online course is designed to support your work in four main areas:

1. Professional Messages

2. Job Materials

3. Reports

4. Proposals

For the first part of the course, we’ll work on getting comfortable with the online spaces we’ll use for the class, including this course website, ASULearn, and Blackboard Collaborate. We will also analyze and create various professional messages, including memos, emails, and infographics.

For the next part of the class, we’ll develop job documents and materials. To accomplish this, you will locate a job or internship ad and tailor your materials to this position.

The third portion of the course is devoted to an extensive team-based project which invites you to explore an issue related to workplace equality. For this project, you will create a work plan, annotated bibliography, and informational report. The purpose of this project is to help you develop collaborative writing skills, engage in research-based writing, and practice a breadth of business-writing genres. It is also designed to introduce you to socio-economic issues related to workplace equality.

Your final project for the course is a self-directed proposal project. Your task is to create a professional proposal using an approach and mode of your choosing. (You might create a classic business proposal, kickstarter video, promotional materials, etc.) I encourage you to choose an approach that best suits the type of writing, research, and designing you see yourself doing in your major or professional field.

To build a foundation for your larger projects, we’ll complete a number of smaller assignments such as drafts, presentations, and weekly discussion posts. These assignments will help you analyze and respond to our weekly readings as well as engage in dynamic conversations with your classmates and me.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

• Identify, analyze, and apply rhetorical strategies to professional/workplace writing
• Understand ethical and legal considerations
• Compose and revise a variety of professional documents
• Develop advanced information literacy skills
• Communicate through professional presentations
• Work individually and collaboratively
• Use various technologies for information design and distribution
• Identify and analyze socio-economic issues in workplace environments

If you would like access to any of the information available on this website in an alternative format (i.e. a single, machine-readable document of all web content), please email me at lori[dot]dehertogh[at]wsu[dot]edu.