Welcome to English 3100: Business Writing

This online course is structured to support your work in three main areas:

1. Professional Messages (visual and text-based)

2. Job Materials

3. Professional Reports and Proposals

For the first part of the course, we’ll work on getting comfortable with the online spaces we’ll use for the class, including this course website, ASULearn, and Blackboard Collaborate. We will also explore and analyze various professional communication genres, including memos, emails, and infographics.

For the next part of the class, we’ll develop job documents and materials. To accomplish this, you will locate a job ad or internship and tailor your materials to this particular position.

The last part of the course is devoted to an extensive team-based project which invites you to explore an issue related to underrepresented groups in the workplace. For this project, you will create a work plan, online team worksite, informational report, and proposal. The goal of this project is for you to develop collaborative writing skills, engage in research-based writing, and practice a breadth of business-writing genres. It is also designed to get you thinking about social and economic issues which impact underrepresented groups in today’s workforce.

To build a foundation for your larger writing projects, we’ll complete a number of smaller assignments such as drafts, presentations, and weekly discussion posts. These assignments will help you analyze and respond to our weekly readings as well as engage in conversations with your classmates and me. By the end of the course, you should be able to:

Course Objectives

For the visually-impaired: Click the play button below for an audio recording of course objectives.

For additional information on course goals, projects, and guidelines, check out the course syllabus. You should also review the course schedule. Read these documents carefully as they contain important information you’ll need to know to succeed in the class.